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How do I setup an account?
It’s simple, complete the online form and a client representative will contact you shortly regarding your transaction.

Types of Clients we assist?
We manage business, commercial and professional service accounts for business owners, contract holders, freelancers, consultants, subcontractors, and buyer and seller' contracts for delivery agreements on goods and services.

If you’re going to be paid commissions from a transaction involving gold, oil, currencies, bank guarantees (BG’s), medium-term notes (MTN’s), gas, platinum, sugar, diamonds, jet fuel, T-Strips, or other commodities and instruments, you want the assistance of a paymaster to help navigate the swift and secure delivery of your funds.

What if the Buyer or Seller is located overseas?
Everyone can’t be in the same place, hence the role of the pay administrator.  Mobiflo provides for the smooth transaction of your disbursement and payment even when a buyer or seller is located overseas.  Please contact your client representative for more assistance.

Can a Broker use Mobiflo?
Yes, Mobiflo takes the worry out of collecting your commission.  Mobiflo allows for disbursement and payment to multiple parties, Mobiflo gives you the support between buyer and seller based on the terms of your contract or agreement.  

What are the Fees?
Fees vary per transaction amount and frequency. Please contact your Client Representative with the requirements of your transaction so that you can be provided with the pursuant fees.

What is Mobiflo?
Mobiflo is an ICASA registered network provider faciliting payment via multiple platforms.  Mobiflo is registered with ICASA to run and operate networks in South Africa, including mobile payments and disbursements.

Need more Help?                                                                                                  We are here for you. Contact us today regarding your payment solution.      +27 81 336 7442. Email Us